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To change the order of your keys go to KEYRING and click twice on the My Keys header. You will then be able to reorder your entries. Once done, click twice on the header again to save the new positions.
To see all of the message's recipients just click on the first shown recipient. The feature is also available in PGP Decrypt extension.
To change the name of a key go to the Key Information screen by clicking on the corresponding entry on the KEYRING screen. Then click on the key's name in the header to initialize the keyboard. Click Return once done to save the new name.

To change your key's username, email or expiration date go to the Key Information screen by clicking on the corresponding key in the KEYRING menu. Then click on the blue key icon and submit your changes. Save them by clicking on the icon again and authenticating with your password/biometry.
To encrypt a file with ETER you will need to prompt the sharing menu. It is recommended to use PGP Encrypt extension regardless of the initial file location - Photos, Documents by Readdle, Apple Files etc. Then ETER will prompt you for the recipient(s). If you intend to sign the file, just click on your private key twice: "[signer]" should appear next to its name. After that, click "Encrypt", authenticate, if necessary, and distribute the encrypted file by using any available app through the standard sharing menu.